Team Ww

Meredith Reyes Joins Ww!

I am so excited to share that Meredith Reyes has officially joined the Westcott Weddings team! Hooray! (And although she has technically been on the team for quite a while, it’s not official until you post about it, right?!)

You may recognize Meredith from her and Gregg’s gorgeous Winfield Inn wedding earlier this year. I was honored to work with her to plan their big day, and from our very first planning meeting (when I cried over their engagement story–yes, truly), I knew we were destined to be friends. And now, I am beyond thrilled that we have the opportunity to continue working together!

Meredith has already blessed me, this business, and her upcoming brides in incredible ways. She is kind, humble, talented, professional, organized, sincere, and thoughtful…not to mention, super stylish. Basically, all the good things. (She is also the healthier side of Westcott Weddings, reminding me kindly that Diet Coke and chocolate are not a meal…which is often a much-needed reminder in the midst of wedding season.)

Click on over to our About page to get to know her and welcome her to the team. Hopefully you’ll have the chance to meet in person soon! 

So many thanks to Jen Dillender for our beautiful, new team (!) photos and to Makenzi Laine for making us over. (Daily hair and makeup–that’s the first thing I invest in when I make it big.)