Friendship + Florals: A Backyard Celebration

It’s no secret that I adore Meredith. Since we met just a little over a year ago, we have collaborated on countless shoots, rejoiced in the opportunity to work together on six spring weddings and shared many cups of coffee over planning meetings. And although I am endlessly grateful for Meredith’s amazing talent and creativity and business mind, I am even more thankful for her heart.

Meredith is the one who calls on her way to a wedding to ask if you need a diet coke and stays late at the end to help you pack up and Tetris-load your car. She asks how you are doing and genuinely wants to know. She encourages community and nurtures friendships. In general, she just loves people well. 

And so, when she asked if I would help bring together a backyard party that celebrated all of those things–art, authenticity, flowers, and friendship–I jumped at the chance. (She may have also mentioned “Kate Spade meets Carrie Bradshaw,” which basically sealed the deal.)

So thankful to Jenna McElroy for capturing every bright, beautiful detail you see in the images below. And to Shalyn Nelson who created this sweet video of the entire day. For even more, you can head over to Style Me Pretty Living where the full shoot is featured today! 

Meredith painted the backdrop and then installed the blooms and greenery to create a living backdrop for the dinner table. And that color palette? Pretty much a dream. 

My husband built the little wood boxes, and we had them etched with everyone’s names to double as both a placecard and a keepsake. The napkins were a perfect Anthro find. 

Meredith also made the adorable confetti poppers. Because, you can’t do Kate Spade meets Carrie Bradshaw without confetti, right? Right. Plus, champagne. 

In case you’re wondering, we really did get to sit down at the end of the shoot and eat dinner together. Which, arguably, was one of the best parts of the day. 

Cheers to friendship and to the incredible team who made it happen: Bristol Lane Florals / Jenna McElroyShalyn Nelson / LoLa Beauty