Carolanne + Andrew at Mercury Hall

The first time Carolanne and I spoke on the phone, she described her vision for the day as a “fancy block party,” and y’all, I have never been more onboard. There was no more perfect place to bring that vision to life than Mercury Hall, and as we designed and planned, we worked to utilize all of the beautiful space at the venue — indoor and out — enhancing it with intentional, personal details but making sure that the overall vibe remained comfortable and laid back. 

Some of my favorite details: The eclectic fall floral palette, the travel-inspired details, and the homebrew bar (!!). Actually, the homebrew bar deserves a special note. C+A’s family and friends are avid homebrewers, and seven of them took on the challenge to brew (and name!) a special “wedding night” beer for the occasion. Not only was the actual bar a beautiful focal point on the lawn, but the punny names were a hit all night (as was the beer)! (I mean, “Hoppily Ever After” IPA? Come on. Too much!) 

Keep scrolling for all our favorites from the day. So much fun to celebrate with you, C+A!