A Mother’s Day Treat

If there’s one thing my mom passed on to me, it’s a love of dessert. The story goes that she ate ice cream every. single. day. when she was preggers with me, which makes sense given my affection for sugar. It’s pretty rare that I crave “real food,” and I always save room for dessert. (Something it took my husband a couple of months to learn when we were first dating…) Moral of the story: I love dessert.

So, when I was trying to decide how I could properly pay homage to my mom on Mother’s Day, I wound up where I inevitably do: The baking aisle. I also happen to adore anything done in miniature (I mean really, who doesn’t?), and so I landed on personal vanilla cakes with buttercream icing. I picked up those mini champagne coupes at Crate&Barrel a couple months back and had been dying for an opportunity to take a picture of them. And fresh flowers are always a nice touch–no matter the occasion.

Happy Mother’s Day, momma! Thank you for all that you’ve done and continue to do to encourage me onwards and upwards. Love you!

Sidenote: Mini cakes as place cards at a wedding, bridal shower, engagement party, etc.? Perfection. If that’s your thing, call me. It’s meant to be.

Succulent cakes from Ruffled, personalized cakes from Wedding Chicks, cookie cakes from The TomKat Studio and mini bundts from Style Me Pretty.

Love, Ellen